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Seize Growth Opportunities & Emerging Trends In Customer Behaviours & Automation For Customer-First & Value-Adding Digital Transformation & Innovation In Financial Services
Add Value & Deliver Seamless & Innovative Customer Journeys Based On Today’s Changed Customer Trends & Expectations AI Value & Benefits Transformation Choreography, Methodologies & Legacy ✓ Cultural Transformation Digital & App Design & Usability Open Banking  Data Strategies Digital Payments Today  Financial Capability Sustainable Banking The Future Of Work, Challenger Banks & Disruptors. New tried and tested interactive platform!

A One-Day, Financial Services-Led Virtual Conference, 16th September 2021 - Featuring Our New Tried & Tested Interactive Platform!

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27 Leading Financial Services Transformation, Digital, Product & Customer Professionals Share Unmissable Digital Transformation & Innovation Insights To Improve Customer Experiences & Business Outcomes 

  1. Customer Trends, Expectations & Seamless Journeys: Add real value digitally and deliver innovative, customer-centric journeys and experiences based on today’s changed trends and expectations
  2. The True Value Of AI: Real-life applications of AI to enhance customer and colleague experience and boost innovation and efficiency
  3. Transformation Methodologies, Choreography & Legacy: Best-practice methodologies for strategically upgrading legacy systems and practices to implement digital transformation agilely
  4. Company Culture In A Digital World: Overcome colleague hesitancy around change, innovation and digitisation and spark new ways of working for 2022 and beyond
  5. Digital & App Design & Usability: User-centred products and apps which reduce friction and boost engagement
  6. The Power Of Data, Open Banking & Payment Innovations: Unlock customer mindsets and data to power your digital transformation and innovation and capitalise on open banking and new payments today
  7. Building Financial Capability & Bridging The Digital Divide: Furthering digital and financial literacy and inclusion for a customer-centric conscience
  8. The Future Of Work, Challenger Banks & Disruptors: Innovate and overcome the new challenges of a digital-first world as we move towards post-pandemic “business as usual”
  9. Digital Innovation & Climate Change Case Studies: Hear how NatWest and First Direct are harnessing digital potential to drive their innovation and transformation

How Does The Virtual Digital Transformation & Innovation In Financial Services Conference Work?

Inspiring Speakers - Listen to market-leading, brand-side speakers as they share their hard-won insights and experiences with hot topic presentations and panels

Connect & Network - Networking is easy with the use of our discussion board, direct messaging facility, meeting request buttons, live polling and social media feed. Have your say and meet the other attendees

Live Chat - Pose your own questions and comment via the live chat function and interact with other delegates and speakers in real time

Virtual Roundtables & Peer Discussions - There will be breakout discussions during the day to discuss specific areas of interest with like-minded attendees to tailor your experience

Virtual Exhibition - Explore the 'virtual exhibition stands' and speak directly to our carefully-chosen exhibitors to help you tackle your business challenges directly

Virtual Face-To-Face Meetings - Start a conversation with fellow delegates or exhibitors and discuss your individual needs and challenges one-to-one

It’s Easy! All you need is good internet access and a password which we will provide. Presentations and panels are live, and you can type in questions, take part in live polling and also comment on the social feed. For any breakout discussions, it’s just a normal zoom call. You can also direct message or request a meeting with attendees. Sessions will be recorded and will be available as on-demand content after the event.

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PLUS! What's New At The Digital Transformation & Innovations In Financial Services Conference?

  • We've Gone Virtual With Dedicated & Practical Case Studies! Join us live from the comfort of your own surroundings - no travel needed!

  • 20+ Financial Services Digital, Product, Transformation, Technology, AI & Customer Heads & Directors Speaking

  • Capture The Momentum Of 2021 - Learn & Inspire!

  • Dedicated Virtual Networking Lounges

  • 3 Panel Discussions: A) AI Value & Benefits B) Build Financial Capability & Bridge The Digital Divide C) Future Of Work & Challenger Banks

  • Have Your Say! Financial Services Tailored Breakouts Including Digital Inclusion, Sustainability and Future Of Advice 

  • Who Is This For? Heads/Directors/Managers Of Digital ✓ Transformation ✓ Technology ✓ Customer ✓ Product ✓ UX & UI

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Leveraging Growth Opportunities & Emerging Trends In Customer Behaviours & Automation For Customer-First & Value-Adding Digital Transformation & Innovation In Financial Services
Customer Trends, Expectations & Journeys AI Value & Benefits Transformation Choreography, Methodologies & Legacy ✓ Cultural Transformation Digital & App Design & Usability Open Banking  Data Strategies Digital Payments Today  Financial Capability Sustainable Banking The Future Of Work, Challenger Banks & Disruptors. A One-Day, Financial Services-Led Conference & Networking Event, 16th September 2021, Virtually

08.30 Log In & Explore The Virtual Platform
08.40 GIC Welcome
08.50 Morning Chair's Opening Remarks
David Thomson, Senior Product Owner, Lloyds Banking Group 

09:00 Add Value & Deliver Seamless & Innovative Customer Journeys Based On Today’s Changed Customer Trends & Expectations
  • Declutter your onboarding processes to deliver instant sign-ups and new products at the touch of a button
  • How can you gain a more holistic view of the customer journey and tap into customer demand, expectations and trends around digital transformation?
  • How far is too far for your customers?
  • Where can flexible processes enhance customer experience and ensure completion by allowing customers to dip in and out of product journeys?
  • Strategies to navigate data security requirements to offer hassle-free customer journeys when customer patience is running out
  • Customer rich but data poor: increase customer data capture during journeys without breaking the bank
  • Increase app adoption as not just an add on but an essential part of new product journeys
Mercedes Clark Smith, Head of Design and Validation Retail Experience, National Savings & Investment


09:20 The True Value Of AI & Real-Life Applications That Enhance Customer & Colleague Experience
  • How can you apply AI in its simplest forms to fully leverage its value for customers and colleagues? Quantify and measure the value of AI to win buy-in and convert sceptics
  • Navigate the limits of legacy systems to find new partners and AI solutions
  • Evaluate and action the right amount of AI and RPA for your processes, what are the opportunities and limits?
  • How can we retain a human element to produce intuitive chatbots that guarantee custo
    mer uptake?
Shnay Chohan, Senior AI Product Manager, NatWest Group
Sarah Greasley, Chief Technology Officer, Architecture CoE Lead, Direct Line Group
Matthew Weil, Head of Product, VoiceSage

Pierre du Rostu, Head of Innovation, AXA XL
09.50 Join Quantum Metric, winner of the Finovate UK ‘best of show’ for 2021, as the company shows the key ways FS&I businesses can improve the digital experiences they’re giving customers and become more customer centric in their digital development, including:

•Proactively identify how to improve their digital offerings.

•Making sure customer feedback and service centre operations are seamlessly incorporated into digital improvement.
•Ensuring native apps are running as smoothly as possible and customers are using them as intended.
•Understanding the complete customer journey across digital products, and knowing where and why it can be improved.

Negin Rostasalehi, Senior Solution Engineer, Quantum Metric



Mike Parfitt, Director of Account Management. Quantum Metric



10.40 Best-Practice Methodologies For Strategically Upgrading Legacy Systems & Practices To Implement Digital Transformation
  • Discover how to choreograph digital transformation for sustainable, valuable, and long-lasting change
  • How can you secure buy-in from colleagues and senior management for a frictionless transformation?
  • Leverage transformation choreography to not only prepare for the future but transform the present
  • Balance innovative transformation with restrictive regulations and real-life capabilities
  • Learning from agile, speedy fintechs whilst navigating legacy and governance restrictions
10.40 Perspective One
Sol Enenmoh, Head of Digital Transformation, Vanquis Bank
11.00 Perspective Two
Bhavik Mohandas, Director of Product Management, American Express




11.20 Streamline Account Opening & Onboarding In Financial Services 
In this session we will explore:
  • Changing landscape in Financial Services and the new challenges they face.
  • How DocuSign can help digitise and streamline the account opening process.
  • Learn how companies such as Santander have leveraged DocuSign’s technology in order to provide a fully digital account onboarding.
Stephanie Liais, Senior Product Marketing Manager, DocuSign
Liam Coates, Senior Solutions Architect, DocuSign
Emily Wood, Financial Services Account Executive, DocuSign
Stephen Baron, Performance Development Manager, Nationwide Building Society
David Champion, eCommerce Manager, Nationwide Building Society

Cultural Transformation 

11.35 Overcome Colleague Hesitancy Around Change, Innovation & Digitisation To Achieve Business-As-Usual In A Post-Pandemic World
  • Define and embed digital transformation strategies that complement your company culture
  • Steps to secure stakeholder buy-in and create change champions to achieve long-term, sustainable cultural transformation
  • How do you measure the success and value-add of cultural change in digital environments?
  • How can you ensure your company culture attracts a skilled workforce capable of realising digital innovation?
Christopher Williamson, Head of IT Delivery, first direct


11.55 How Can We Leverage Greater Connectivity To Harness The True Value Of Open Banking For Companies & Customers?
  • Apply the potential of open banking and API within the constraints of historic and legacy systems to improve customer experience
  • Beyond PSD2, how do we successfully navigate data ethics when delivering open banking strategies and products?
  • Dig deeper into expectations to understand perceived roles of banks in the future and the consumer demand for open banking
  • How can you educate customer and clients of the value of open banking to kick-start and guide their open banking journey
Jonathan Holman, Head of Digital, Santander Corporate & Commercial
12.15 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


12.30 Overcome Reduced Customer Loyalty With User-Centred Products & Apps Which Reduce Friction & Boost Engagement
  • Discover customer-insight-driven design which prioritises simplicity for user-friendly journeys
  • Maximise design, app aesthetics and integration to win and maintain customer loyalty in dense marketplaces
  • How can you drive adoption amongst your customers to make app-use a repeat and engrained behaviour?
  • When patience is thin, how can you help your customers find the information they need quickly and efficiently on websites and apps?
12.30 Perspective One
Richard Beaumont, Director of Design, Direct Line Group
12.50 Perspective Two
Srivigneshwar Prasad, Senior Product Designer, Portify
13.10 Morning Chair's Closing Remarks 
13.15 Lunch Break & Informal Networking


13.15 Discuss Critical Topics & Solutions With Your Industry Peers
A) Digital Inclusion
Sol Enenmoh, Head of Digital Transformation, Vanquis Bank
B) Sustainability
Lydia Malakis, Senior Advisor, Gossmann & CIE Group
C) Future Of Advice
Paul Selman, Senior Digital Product Owner, M&G
14.15 Afternoon Chair's Opening Remarks
David Thomson, Senior Product Owner, Lloyds Banking Group


14.20 From Data Lakes ToData Deserts: Collect, Harness & Leverage Data To Power Your Digital Transformation & Innovation
  • How can you navigate regulations to harness GDPR-compliant data that boosts your digital innovation and proves the value-add of your transformation strategies?
  • Quality and quantity: unlock meaningful insight from your data to streamline transformation and support change
  • Compliantly and efficiently collect customer data throughout product journeys to harness their voice and complement your metrics
  • Navigate the advantages and risk of Cloud storage and the best option for your data today
  • Overcome the security barriers of accessing sensitive data whilst working from home to enable your remote teams to continue with business-as-usual
Eddie Yanez, Head of Digital & AI Strategy, AIG

The Developer Experience In Financial Services

14.40 In Today’s Age, Financial Services Companies Are Having To Transform Into Tech Companies. Developers Are The New Rock Stars Of Banking. But What Does This Mean For Your Business?
  • How can you keep up with this trend?
  • How are developers needs different from other financial services roles?
  • How can you leverage user research to improve the developer experience?
Lisa Fraser, Executive Director (VP) UX Research, Goldman Sachs
Lorisa Dubuc, Executive Director (VP) Head of User Research, Goldman Sachs
15.00 Session TBC 
Henrik Rosvall, Founder & CEO, Dreams


15.15 Discover How NatWest Are Leading The Way In Financial Services By Harnessing Digital Technology To Drive Climate Transformation
  • Hear from the only financial sponsor of COP26 –what does their climate change roadmap look like and what are their hopes for the future?
  • Decarbonised data: explore the future of data centres and how financial services can be key players in this journey
  • Going green, what are the implications of greener coding practices and how will this revolutionise digital transformation and innovation within FS
  • Seismic shifts and mindset makeovers: how digital technology and customer experience can power greener habits and enable fundamental changes in
  • Financial Services to help them become responsible stewards of a global ecosystem
Kari-Anne Clayton, Head of Transformation & Strategy - Retail Banking Digital & Technology, NatWest
15.35 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.35 From Profit Priorities ToA Customer-Centric Conscience: The Role Of Financial Services In Promoting Financial Capability, Furthering Digital & Financial Literacy & Reducing Digital Divisions
  • With Covid-19 accelerating digital inequalities, find solutions for customers limited bydigital ability, mobile data allowances, smartphone capabilities and a lack of digital devices
  • How are you digitising customer journeys and applications to make them increasingly accessible to your most vulnerable customers?
  • Break taboos and build trust: how can digital technologies be harnessed to encourage customers to address their financial wellbeing?
  • From mortgages to pensions to savings and investments... proactively build financial literacy and capability to educate and empower your customers
  • Proactive, preventive innovations and early intervention tools to save your customers from falling into financial hardship
Kat Mann, Savings & Investment Specialist, Nutmeg
Mercedes Clark Smith, Head of Design and Validation Retail Experience, National Savings & Investments
Ullas Kishore, Senior Manager, Transformation Strategy, Lloyds Banking Group
Paul Selman, Senior Digital Product Owner, M&G
Carl Spilker, EVP of Analytics & Advisory, GDS Link


16.35 Add Value & Deliver Seamless & Innovative Customer Journeys & Experiences Based On Today’s Changed Customer Trends & Expectations
Paul Selman, Senior Digital Product Owner, M&G


16.55 Innovate & Overcome The New Challenges In A Digital-First World As We Move Towards Post-Pandemic “Business As Usual”
  • The end of physical branches? Explore the Covid-powered customer behaviours that are here to stay and those that will fade
  • How has Covid-19 accelerated workplace digital transformation as 5 year plans vanished overnight?
  • What are the new opportunities which have emerged from a period of disruption and how can we implement them for sustained innovation?
  • From deskless to hotdesking and hybrid, discover how to adapt work environments to get the best out of your workforce and measure output wherever they are
  • Watch the gap: navigate the pending digital skill shortage to empower your workforce, maintain efficiency and power innovation
  • With increasing digital scams and security vulnerabilities, how can you navigate data and privacy regulations to offer a viable working from home experience?
Christopher Williamson, Head of IT Delivery, first direct

Bhavik Mohandas, Director of Product Management, American Express

17.25 Closing Remarks & Close Of Conference