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Get Inspired By 23 Financial Services Organisations As They Reveal How To Monetise Digital Engagement & Drive Impressive Results

Results-Boosting Digital Marketing & Customer Journey Strategies In Financial Services: Monetise Disruptive Digital Technologies & Strategies & Capitalise On New Customer Trends & Expectations Across All Digital & Social Platforms Now & In The Future
A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 27th March 2019, Museum of London Docklands, London

08:30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09:00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Jamie Maddison, Head of Content Marketing, iwoca


09:20 Mission-Critical Innovation To Achieve Maximum Impact & Remain Competitive In Today’s Disruptive Digital Marketing & FinTech Landscape

  • In the fast-moving, ever-changing digital marketing landscape, what’s hot right now? More importantly, what’s coming next?
  • Securing long-term internal buy-in and investment in digital marketing strategies to embed agile, digitally-savvy business processes, maximise acquisitions and conversions and stay at the forefront of financial services
  • Beyond financial services, what are the leaders in other industries doing to maximise their digital impact and how can we learn from and apply these principles?

Brían Corish, Chief Customer Officer, Bank of Ireland
David Nixon, Head of Digital, Standard Life Ireland
Robin Gibson, Group Head of Marketing, Wesleyan
Diego Marquínez Peña, Global Head of CRM & End2End Experience, BBVA
Tessa Pettman, Product Marketing Lead, TransferWise



09:50 Forward-Thinking Strategies To Truly Maximise The Value-Adding Potential Of AI & The Next Hot Technologies Now & In The Future

  • Exploring the latest successful applications of AI and machine learning within financial services marketing to identify where this technology can add the most value for both brands and customers
  • Best-practice advice on adopting and implementing AI propositions to ensure success – before the technology moves on again!
  • The practicalities of AI: what investment and maintenance is required for high impact, high returns and truly linked-up digital systems? Is it really worth it?
  • Is AI where we expected it to be in 2019? Assessing the scope for development and crystal-ball-gazing: what’s coming next?

Anthony Wong , Digital Performance Director, Interactive Investor
10:10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner Speaker

10:40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11:10 Inspiring Innovations! Which Of The Latest New Technologies Will Truly Boost Digital Marketing Performance & Win Long-Term Return On Investment?

  • Short-term solution or long-term investment for the future? Spotting and monetising the game-changing new technologies with real purpose and potential in an industry ripe for disruption
  • How can new technology innovations help to create a seamless, joined-up customer journey and drive sales and results – without getting on the wrong side of the regulators?
  • AI, virtual reality, voice technology... what’s next?

Chris Wilkinson, Head of Digital Strategy, Metro Bank
 Louis Powell, Digital Experience Lead, Google
Chad West, Chief Marketing Officer, Revolut
Teren Teh, VP Customer Analytics, Premier Banking Barclays


11:40 Stand Out & Engage New & Loyal Stakeholders With Creative, Compliant, Results-Boosting Social Media Strategies

  • Where do financial services brands fit on social media today? Leverage insights into customer expectations of financial services in the social space to revitalise effective, engaging, on-trend social strategies
  • How do you engage your employees in the social media journey?
  • Best-practice advice for optimising social media results as part of a wider, multi-channel marketing strategy within a heavily-regulated environment
  • Keep up-to-date with constant social media updates: Facebook video, IGTV – what’s next and how can it be applied in marketing to boost conversions?

Keith Lewis, Social Media Manager, Zurich Insurance UK


12:00 Optimising Multi-Channel Strategies To Deliver Seamless, Engaging Customer Journeys Across All Channels

  • Social media, mobile, website, paid, video…where’s the best space to reach your customers? Ensuring you have the best, relevant channels in place to deliver the results you (and your customers) want
  • Integrating advanced, multi-channel marketing strategies to optimise customer journeys and drive engagement, acquisitions and conversions across all channels
  • Harnessing customer insights to deliver relevant, tailored journeys and experiences which meet customers’ expectations and boost brand engagement and loyalty
  • Is there still a place for traditional marketing in financial services?

Tom Newbould, Chief Marketing Officer, MYJAR
12:20 Morning Roundup & Lunchtime Announcements

12:30 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partner


13:10 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

a) Optimising Resources & Budget

Mario Lupori, Chief Product Officer, RateSetter
b) Winning With Direct Response Offerings

Stuart Brann, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Director, TSB Bank

c) Boosting Brand Reputation

Georgia d’Esterre, Head of Marketing, Holloway
d) Mobile-First Mindsets

e) Regulation & GDPR

f) Successful Digital Transformation

13:30 Chairman’s Afternoon Remarks

Piers Newson-Smith, Head of Brand Planning, Direct Line Group


13:50 Cut Through With Relevant, On-Trend Content Strategies Which Make Your Financial Services Organisation Stand Out From The Crowd

  • Financial services are important, but not particularly exciting! Build a high-quality content strategy to stand out from the crowd and garner customer interest and engagement
  • Taking advantage of cross-channel journey mapping to inform winning content marketing strategies relevant to your customers on the right channel, at the right time
  • Monetising the trends: what content really helps to add value and maximise results from acquisitions to retention to brand awareness?

Jamie Maddison, Head of Content Marketing, iwoca


14:10 Benchmarking Success With Tangible Metrics & Effective Methods For Attributing Multi-Channel, Cross-Device Results & Proving Digital Impact & ROI 

  • Identifying the most important metrics, KPIs and benchmarks to pay attention to when measuring the impact and ROI of digital marketing performance
  • Next-level approaches to implementing accurate attribution models to support multi-channel digital strategies and secure continued digital investment
  • Beyond financial gain, top tips for quantifying achievements in terms of brand awareness and engagement to demonstrate the power of customer-led digital strategies

Virginia Falcón, Measurement & Attribution Lead, Google
14:30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner Speaker

15:00 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking



15:30 Maximise Engagement & Conversions With Real Insights Into The Trends, Behaviours, Needs & Expectations Of Financial Services Customers Now & In The Future

  • Putting customer-centricity at the heart of digital marketing strategies: taking advantage of insights into what customers want and expect to ensure we’re hitting the mark
  • Chatbots, livechat, social media, email…how do customers want and expect to be able to interact with financial services organisations in 2019 and beyond?
  • Building two-way engagement with customers to gain valuable feedback to shape future digital strategies and keep driving meaningful engagement throughout the customer lifecycle

Abba Newbery, Chief Marketing Officer, Habito


15:50 Quick-Fire Q&A Panel With Industry Thought-Leaders 

What is best-practice in customer experience and journey management?
How can we most effectively attribute results to understand the impact of successful digital campaigns and experiences?

Our industry thought-leaders share their top tips and practical advice:

Kirsten Burt Head of Marketing, UK & Jersey, UBS Wealth Management
Ellie Mickleburgh, Marketing Director, Ageas Insurance
Heather Smith, Managing Director GI Direct, LV=
Clare Gambardella, Chief Customer Officer, Zopa


16:20 Future Strategies, Tools & Tips To Take Back To The Office

What are the key takeaways from the day’s sessions for yourself and your industry peers?

Recap the main practical action points taken from the day and hear the chairs’ closing thoughts and advice for driving digital marketing success in financial services:

Piers Newson-Smith, Head of Brand Planning, Direct Line Group
Jamie Maddison, Head of Content Marketing, iwoca
Robin Gibson, Group Head of Marketing, Wesleyan

Ellie Mickleburgh, Marketing Director, Ageas Insurance
Tom Newbould, Chief Marketing Officer, MYJAR
Virginia Falcón, Measurement & Attribution Lead, Google

16:50 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference