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The Winning Digital Marketing Financial Services Conference Programme

Maximise The Power Of New Technologies & Social Media To Boost Bottom-Line Results With New, Innovative, Next-Generation Engaging Digital Marketing In Financial Services

Future-Proof Your Digital Strategies! Harness New Technologies, Social Media & Creative Content, Optimise Digital & Mobile Customer Journeys, Successfully Navigate The Regulatory Landscape & Culturally Embed Digital Transformation For Next-Level Engagement & ROI Now & In The Future

08.30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks interactive voting
Richard Harris
Chief Marketing Officer


09.20 Optimising Tried & Tested Social Platforms & Capitalising On New Opportunities Within Emerging Channels For Compliant Social Media Strategies With Proven Results

  • Keep up to date with rapid developments and emerging social platforms: beyond the run-of-the-mill, what new, relevant opportunities can we take advantage of to maximise brand engagement?
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest…what works for financial services? Has anyone in the sector cracked it?
  • Exploring best-practice social media management and content creation for effective strategies which work for marketing, customer service and wider internal teams
  • Given the restrictions and compliance issues faced in financial services, how should we be interpreting the guidelines to best utilise social media whilst remaining compliant?
  • Proving it works! Top methods for testing and evaluating social media results to demonstrate impact on the bottom-line and secure long-term buy-in

Aldert Veldhuisen
Head of Local Marketing Netherlands
BNP Paribas Asset Management

INNOVATIONS & TRENDS – NEW TECH: Chatbots • AI • Virtual Reality • Automation • Blockchain • Machine Learning • Ad Tech • Voice Recognition

09.40 Keep Up With The Fast Pace Of Evolving Digital Trends & The Latest Innovations & New Technologies; Future-Proof Your Digital Marketing Strategies & Drive Performance

  • Getting to grips with chatbots, virtual reality, AI, automation, blockchain, machine learning, ad tech, voice recognition…insights into the latest tech innovations which can positively impact digital marketing performance
  • Top tips for successfully integrating new technologies into digital marketing strategies to improve customer experiences, drive engagement and boost conversions
  • What’s next? Sorting the fads from the game-changers with real staying power to take advantage of emerging opportunities and technologies which actually work to future-proof your digital strategies

James Stewart
Head of Digital Channels
The Co-operative Bank
Muriel Lotto
Vice President, Global Marketing Strategy & Brand Management
Western Union
Richard Davies
Head of Insight & Planning
Fidelity International
Blair Turnbufll
MD UK Digital
10.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner Speaker. To get involved in The Winning Digital Marketing Financial Services Conference, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email info@digitalfinanceconference.com for more details.

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


peer discussions
11.10 Explore With Your Peers The Practical Applications Of Next-Generation Technologies & Digital Innovations: How Exactly Can These Positively Impact Your Digital Marketing Strategies?

A) Programmatics
Carolina Vicente
Digital Marketing Lead


C) Blockchain

D) Apps

E) Chatbots

F) Data

G) Virtual Reality


11.45 Best-In-Class Strategies For Devising Seamlessly-Integrated, Multi-Channel Customer Journeys Which Drive Engagement & Positive Experiences

  • Devising the best channel mix for your customers to successfully reach and engage customers on relevant digital channels which complement your brand
  • Tracking customer behaviours across offline and online channels to optimise customer experiences and foster brand loyalty with simple, linked-up customer journeys
  • Effectively managing customer expectations and ensuring seamless cross-channel transitions at all stages of the customer journey to drive multi-channel performance

Julie Kennedy
Digital Design Director
Capital One


12.05 Gain Actionable Insights & Prove The Value & ROI Of Digital Marketing With Effective Measurement Techniques & Multi-Channel Attribution Models

  • Comparing and contrasting new and established measurement and attribution models to find the right fit for evaluating your digital activity and proving the value of digital
  • Overcoming the pitfalls of multi-channel attribution to successfully pinpoint exactly which results came from where – and why – to develop results-driven channel strategies
  • Quantifying results with effective measurement tools and techniques to build real, actionable insight, inform future decision-making and secure senior buy-in

Tom Newbould
Chief Marketing Officer
12.25 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Speakers & Partners


peer discussions
13.00 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions (20 minutes during lunch)

Engaging Video
Bian Salins
Head of Social – Digital
Digital Sales Enablement
Stuart Nicholls
Director, Digital Wealth EMEA
Effective Digital Transformation
Imran Younis
Director Digital Transformation
Aldermore Bank
Customer Acquisition Through Digital Advertising
Tom Newbould
Chief Marketing Officer
13.25 Please Reconvene In The Main Conference Room

13.30 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks
Nigel Ingram
Delivery Director, Group Transformation
Lloyds Banking Group


case study
13.45 Top Tips For Social Media Lead Generation & Building Employee Advocacy
Kristina Bröckel
Senior Social Media Strategist Global Markets


14.05 Successfully Navigate The Constantly-Changing Regulatory Landscape & Ensure You Are Ready For GDPR For Fully-Compliant Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Best-practice advice for managing digital marketing in the regulatory landscape of today and tomorrow: how can we keep up to date with the fast-moving pace of digital and deliver results within the regulatory limits?
  • We’re all getting ready for GDPR – but do we have a clear idea of what exactly it means for digital marketing in financial services moving forwards?
  • Collaborate effectively with other internal teams to ensure you are all on the same page regarding compliance to drive efficiency in digital communications

Philip Brown
Head of Policy


Jeremy Fraser
Compliance Director & Data Protection Officer
Tesco Bank

Further Panellists To Be Confirmed, Please Check The Website For Details


14.35 GDPR Snapshot Presentation & Interactive Delegate Debate

What are the likely implications of GDPR for financial services? How are other financial services organisations preparing for the new regulation? Do you have any burning questions you’d like to debate with your peers?

Speaker TBC From UK Challenger Bank

14.45 Interactive Delegate Debate

15.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner Speaker. To get involved in The Winning Digital Marketing Financial Services Conference, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email info@digitalfinanceconference.com for more details.

15.30 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.00 Don’t Be Left Behind! Manage Shifting Customer Behaviours & Mobile & Digital Trends To Capture Attention & Stay Relevant

  • In a digital and mobile world, how can we stay most relevant to different generations of customers?
  • What role does mobile and apps really play in the overall marketing strategy? What new opportunities and ideas can we take advantage of?
  • How best can we maximise engagement with responsive design and content to build a high-impact brand?

Nuala Walsh
Chief Marketing Officer
Standard Life Aberdeen


16.20 Transforming Internal Processes & Driving Agile Working In Line With The Evolving Digital Landscape For Up-to-Date, Digitally-Savvy Financial Services Organisations

  • Proving the commercial benefits of digital transformation to secure buy-in and get the whole organisation on board with new, digitally-savvy processes and structures
  • Embedding agile, lean working organisation-wide to streamline practices and ensure quick, effective responses to changing customer needs and digital developments
  • Overcoming the barriers to digital transformation: advice on tackling old legacy systems to influence digital adoption throughout the business

Peter Kent
Head of Digital Marketing


case study
16.40 Creating Relevant, Engaging & Exciting Content To Drive Results & Innovation In Multi-Channel Digital Marketing

  • Exploring the latest trends in content curation and striking the right balance between fun gimmicks and informative, educational content to maximise added value
  • Taking personalisation to the next level: boost reach, engagement and impact with relevant, targeted content which goes beyond the tried and tested approaches
  • Harnessing content as an engaging tool to create a vision for customers and promote brand advocacy – not just selling products! Top tips to establish robust workflows and streamline content management for effective cross-channel content distribution and optimised customer engagement

Nico Reinhold
Head of Social Media & Films
Deutsche Bank
17.00 Chair’s Closing Remarks

17.15 Official Close Of Conference

Please check the website regularly for updates and newly confirmed speakers. For more information on how to get involved in The Winning Digital Marketing Financial Services Conference, please email info@digitalfinanceconference.com or call us on +44 (0)20 3479 2299.