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2nd Annual

Drive Efficiencies, Exceed Expectations & Power CX With Revolutionary Digital Customer Experiences In Financial Services

24 Digital Finance & Self-Service Leaders Deliver Business-Critical Insights To Drive Next-Level Digital & Technological & AI Advancements, Customer-Centric Digital Journeys, Enhance Self-Service & Digital Payments Uptake & Adoption, Prepare For Digital Currencies, Action Customer Data Insights & Support Vulnerable Customers With Confident Regulatory & Consumer Duty Frameworks To Streamline Customer Experiences & Drive Efficiencies

22nd March 2023, One America Square, London

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks 

Paulette Toynton, Managing Director, Head of Channel Servicing & Customer Care, Global Commercial Banking, HSBC HOLDINGS PLC

Ger Fleming, Senior Manager – Digital Banking Programme, permanent tsb



09.20 Thrive In Today’s Digital First World: Seamlessly Optimise & Connect Omnichannel Strategies To Provide Bespoke Digital Finance & Self-Service Experiences Which Satisfy Customer Expectations

  • Uncover the latest digital opportunities to craft a seamless omnichannel experience which connects physical and digital channels and improves ease-of-access and agility
  • How do your customers feel about being directed to different channels? Pinpoint your customers’ behaviours and action insights to fulfil their needs by offering the correct channels and touchpoints for increased satisfaction and business performance
  • Physical vs. digital channels: don’t rely on brick-and-mortar and customer loyalty in 2023 and beyond, create a channel offering equipped and suited for ever-increasing digital and tech-savvy consumers
  • Digital channels may be the future, but adoption remains the greatest challenge! Ensure omnichannel consistency across your channel mix to deliver effective and efficient experiences and increase self-service adoption
  • What are the building blocks and channel components needed to develop robust and resilient digital services which meet and exceed your customers’ needs?

Geraldine Maringo, Chief Digital Product Owner (Head of Digital), Nationwide Building Society




09.40 User-Friendly, High-Impact & Cutting-Edge AI, Automation, Cloud & RPA To Power Digital Finance, Self-Service & Business Efficiencies

  • Chat bots, RPA AI, cloud, speech recognition… what is the next stage of automation transformation and what real value is this bringing to your organisation and customers?
  • From desktop automation to sentiment analysis, how can you build and establish maturity into your automation to ensure maximum product knowledge and a long-term strategic fix?
  • Explore real-life applications of AI to drive data-centric approaches and truly leverage the benefits of automation to maintain and improve a seamless and targeted client experience
  • Balancing human and digital interactions… when should you automate and when should you ensure human-first interactions?

Ange Johnson de Wet, Business & Commercial Banking, Lloyd’s Banking Group

Anuradha Deshpande, Director of Global Customer Support, GoCardless

Faizah Rafique, Principal Business Analyst, Atom Bank

Ashish Devalekar, EVP & Managing Director, U.K, Europe & Middle East, Virtusa


Refocus, Restrategise & Reinvent

10.10 Power Consistent & Customer-Centric Experiences Informed By Critical Consumer Insights Which Keep Up With & Adapt To Changing Demands & Expectations

  • Stay ahead of the curve! How can you best translate customer data and insights into personalised and targeted customer journeys and experiences in a complex Financial Services landscape?
  • Tackling different demographics: how can you best design customer journeys which are customer-focused, whilst ensuring you are targeting a multi-generational audience?
  • Power self-service success through leveraging new technological capabilities that drive your immersive digital customer journeys and experiences to the next level
  • It’s all about knowledge management and learning capabilities! Keep pace with changing consumer and societal expectations to support effective and streamlined customer journeys which drive greater business value and customer satisfaction

Esin Over, Product Lead, First Direct

10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking Session

11.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


11.30 Drive Your Digital Payment Strategies Forward With Secure & Fit-For-Future Frameworks Which Improve Ease Of Access, Efficiencies & Experiences

  • What is the future of cash payments? Debate the authenticity and impact of a cashless, and even cardless society
  • Explore the new opportunities, challenges and risks brought about by innovative changes within the payment landscape in order to determine where your financial services organisation fits within this digital-led framework
  • Streamline your new payment programmes to lower barriers for entry and ensure customers benefit from increased efficiencies

Joris Kok, Product Lead Mobile Payments, ING Bank


Hot Topic

11.50 Equip Your Digital Strategies To Prepare For The Rapid Acceleration Of Digital Currencies: Update Your Knowledge, Systems & Processes To Best Support Clients & Consumers

  • Critical questions answered: what are the early-stage opportunities and risks associated with digital currencies, how can you reach and extract value from an untapped market, and how are organisations preparing for the crypto proposition?
  • How can you tackle the opaque language and jargon surrounding crypto to make it more accessible and understandable to your teams and consumers alike?
  • Will crypto and digital currencies be mainstream? Explore and examine the regulation and control needed to suit a decentralised Finance world and how Financial Services can overcome issues of trust and confidence with consumers




12.10 Maximise Cutting-Edge Technologies & Advance Digital Innovation To Power Digital Finance

  • How can you actually use and maximise the tech that you’ve got already to full effect?
  • From natural language processing to process mining capabilities… what will change the face of finance next?
  • Reengineer, upskill and prepare your workforce for the future of digital! How are you training your teams to effectively implement and adapt to digital change and innovation?

Mariya Brown, Head of EMA Innovations, BNY Mellon

Jason Hurwitz, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Aldermore Bank PLC

Karoline Nolte, Strategy & Innovation Manager, RBS International

Anuj Agarwal, Data Lead, NatWest Bank

Jamie Broadbent, Head of Digital, Innovation & Design, RBS International

12.40 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.40 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Jamie Broadbent, Head of Digital, Innovation & Design, RBS International

Elizabetta Camilleri, Non-Executive Director, BOV


13.50 Robust & Impactful Strategies To Drive Forward Self-Service Uptake At Pace & Scale To Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences & Satisfaction

  • The toolkit to success! What technologies, resources and channel components are required for a seamless and successful implementation? And how can self-service models transform the current user experience for your consumers?
  • Empower and encourage your consumers to adopt digital practices with effective self-service channels and experiences which provide a customer’s banking needs all in one place for ease and access
  • As self-service is becoming the front-line experience, how can you implement changes and improve processes whilst ensuring your customers are qualified enough to self-service themselves
  • Explore the myriad of advantages associated with system thinking, connecting your self- service journeys to your wider business operating systems

Robert Shafik, User Experience Lead – Knowledge Management and Learning Capabilities, American Express


14.10 Successfully Capture & Translate Data Into Actionable Insights For Personalised, Targeted & Compliant Customer Journeys & Experiences In Financial Services

  • Achieve well-tailored, data-driven customer journeys with effective data capturing strategies which unlock meaningful insights, streamline transformation and support digital change
  • How are data strategies evolving, what will predictive and prescriptive analytics actually look like in 2023 and beyond, and how are other Financial Services organisations targeting and managing their data principles?
  • Guarantee boosted consumer trust and loyalty by establishing safe and secure digital channels and proven data security strategies
  • Seamless segmentation and profiling approaches: action data insights to provide accurate customer segments and deliver tailored customer experiences across the board




14.30 Build Accessibility & Sensitivity Into Your Digital Finance Strategies & Strike The Right Balance Between Digital & Human To Guarantee All Customers Are Supported

  • To self-serve or not to self-serve? When do you need to keep the human touch when tackling sensitive and complex situations?
  • As processes become more complex, facilitate self-service processes which support and enable vulnerable customers to self-serve with confidence

Anna Roughley, Head of Insight & Engagement, The Lending Standards Board

15.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.30 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking Session


Case Study

16.00 The metaverse will enable us all to connect, engage, and interact in fundamentally new ways. Several studies indicate that this is a multi-billion dollar                  opportunity for businesses to capitalise on. This talk is designed to separate the hype from the reality, debunk some myths, and help you figure out                      what it all means for your business

Emanuele Colonnella, Innovation Manager, Generali


Case Study

Wasim Mushtaq, Transformation Lead, Financial Markets, Standard Chartered Bank


Critical Compliance

16.40 Build Accessibility & Sensitivity Into Your Digital Finance Strategies & Strike The Right Balance Between Digital & Human To Guarantee All Customers Are Supported

  • How can technology offer improvements and efficiencies within plant-based? Where should you invest today to secure maximum ROI?
  • Redefine consumer product technology with new tech and AI that drives exciting plant-based product development and innovations
  • The technology paradox! Is tech, such as GMO, good for altering and solving challenges within food and drink development, or should we use softer tech, such as fortification, to supply extra minerals and vitamins?


Incoming Regulation

17.00 Build Accessibility & Sensitivity Into Your Digital Finance Strategies & Strike The Right Balance Between Digital & Human To Guarantee All Customers Are Supported

  • How are organisations interpreting and preparing to meet the consumer duty regulation?
  • As duty of care for customers in this economic climate prevails, endeavour to build and maintain meaningful firm-consumer relationships which support your consumers’ financial needs
  • As an organisation how are you planning to tackle this shift in culture and behaviour? Ensure you best meet your customer duty regulation with long-term, human-centred approaches

Becci Greenfield, Senior User Experience Design Manager, Coventry Building Society

17.20 Afternoon Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close of Conference

Jamie Broadbent, Head of Digital, Innovation & Design, RBS International

Elizabetta Camilleri, Non-Executive Director, BOV