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Book Now For £599*! All Your Digital Banking, Self-Service & Automation Questions Answered In One Unmissable Day!

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences & Drive Efficiencies By Accelerating Customer-Centric Digitalisation, Automation & Self-Service Banking: Balance The Human Touch With Digital, Deliver Effortless Customer Experiences & Efficiencies, Future-Focused Payments, Cashless, ATM & Frictionless Strategies • Integrated Automation Advances & The Latest Biometric & Authentication Technologies • Update Post-Pandemic Customer Expectations & Manage Sensitive & Complex Interactions • Guarantee Secure Digital Channels & Data, Prevent Fraud

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 24th March 2022, Central London.

08.40 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks


09.20 Uncover The Latest Digital Opportunities To Drive Forward Advances In Your Payment & Frictionless Strategies To Ultimately Improve Ease Of Access, Customer Experiences & Efficiencies

  • They are the ATM of the digital banking world, but how are banking apps actually making customers’ lives easier?
  • Cashless, frictionless, microtransactions… the digital-first world is here so how are banks tackling and managing the issue of certain customer segments wanting to remain in the physical banking space?
  • It all comes down to trust… how can you encourage customers to trust contactless payment methods moving forward?
  • Cashless and cardless? What will be the new face of self-service banking and how can you drive adoption?

Aruna Kumara, Chief Executive Officer, Bank of Ceylon



09.40 How To Build A Next Gen Branch Model That Is Digital, Multi-Service, Efficient & Focused On Customer Relations

Branches need to continue to adapt, change their nature and change the economics in parallel with offering better mobile and digital engagement. The in-branch journey is more than design, the bank of the future right sizes and incorporates behavior and technology inside and outside to be smarter and better as banks rethink branch role. We at Auriga have summed these needs in our #NextGenBranch offer: digital, remote, agile, customer-oriented, leveraging advanced self-service and new technologies to increase process efficiency and optimize performance.

 Mark Aldred, VP of International Sales, AurigaSpa



Paola Acciai, Head of Marketing and Communication, Banca Carige




09.55 Future-Focused Digital Banking: Ensure Your Digital Offering Is Fit-For-Future By Determining The Future Of ATMs & Cash In Your Financial Institution For Increased Agility & Customer Satisfaction

  •  What are the latest market trends and consumer insights around cash use post-pandemic?
  •  Is the future of self-service dependent on contactless ATM capabilities, and how will this affect deposits and access to cash?
  •  Market benchmarking: what are other markets with effective and secure contactless cash withdrawals doing to ensure highly efficient digital services?

Stella Calvo Sequeiros, International Business Manager- Digital Banking, Banco Santander



Toni Coulson, Head of Forward Flow Lending, Starling Bank


10.25 Supercharge Your Self-Service Strategies To Align With The Rapid Acceleration Of Digitised Banking Solutions For Ultimate Efficiencies

  • The pandemic accelerated self-service and forced banks to become more digital, but how can we implement changes and embed them into long-term business transformation?
  • A one-stop-shop for all your banking needs: determine the self-service platform strategies that are best suited to our organisation and that will provide a customer’s banking needs all in one place for ease and access
  •  With increasing uptake and demand comes increasing concerns and objections… discover how simplifying explanations of digital and self-service can help colleagues and customers understand and encourage a digital mindset
  •  The fine line between educating customers and forcing them to take a digital self-service path… how far can we go to ensure customer satisfaction remains high?

Geraldine Maringo, Chief Product Owner, Nationwide Building Society


10.45 Supercharging Self-Service using Behavioural Science

This talk will focus on the behavioural principles that have supercharge self service in the financial sector. This will be illustrated through business case studies and experiments.

Ziba Goddard, Chief Consulting Officer, Cowry Consulting



Raphy March, Chief Design Officer, Cowry Consulting


11.00 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.30 Automated… But Not Robotic!

Crucial Automation Tips to Increase Efficiency and Make Customers Happier

As consumer expectations continue to grow, contact centres are increasingly leaning more heavily into the ease and convenience of automation, leveraging AI to meet these rising demands. In the drive for competitive edge and customer preference, organisations need to remodel their CX strategy  - yet meet the challenges of how bots can really understand true intent and how best to harness messaging. So how can conversational AI help financial services firms thrive? Learn:

  • What has changed - why automation and why it’s so crucial now.
  • How to build automation without losing the human touch.
  • The building blocks of automation that will delight both your agents and customers.
  • Discover real life user cases and understand best practice – plus what can go wrong if you’re not careful

Dr Chris Humphris, VP Customer Success, Verint


11.45 Strike The Balance Between Digital & Human To Satisfy Sensitive, Critical & Complex Interactions & Support Vulnerable Customers

  • How can banks develop innovative strategies which ensure a human touch when dealing with more sensitive matters including bereavement, mortgages, fraud and loans?
  •  Does contactless have to mean humanless? How can banks ensure support for sensitive matters and vulnerable customers?
  •  Could we ever transition to completely humanless interactions, or will we always need human channels?

Andrew Larking, Lead UX & UI Designer, Vanquis Bank


Rachel Haworth, Former Customer Experience Director, Coventry Building Society


Natalie Ledward, Head of Vulnerable Customers, Monzo Bank


Nicola Emsley, CIO, Physical Channels, Retail Banking,
NatWest Group


Martin de Heus, EMEA Director, Enterprise and Corporate Solutions, 



12.25 Customer Intent: another piece of the puzzle!

Abstract: You’ll have many systems and platforms that track customer behaviour to derive better outcomes likely in real (or near) time. How natural do these processes feel for the customer? Can they easily deliver business insights across departments to fuel continuous improvement? Join this session to review ways of identifying customer intent, and how one in particular really cuts through.

Lloyd Buxton, Senior Enterprise Account Executive, DX AES, Genesys

12.40 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


13.40 Informal Breakout Discussions

A) Authentication

B) Payments

C) Demographics

D) Digital Exclusion

14.10 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks


13.50 Balancing The Human and The Digital in Customer Interactions

  • Exploring the key drivers for digital customer engagement
  • Understanding customer interactions
  • Creating an omnichannel engagement strategy
  • Closing the loop and accelerating innovation

Lee Trenam, Head of Sales, VoiceSage


14.05 Guarantee Boosted Consumer Trust & Loyalty By Establishing Safe & Secure Digital Channels & Proven Data Security Strategies

  • With great power comes great responsibility… who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that consumers’ personal and financial data is safe and secure?
  • Discover what other financial institutions have done to adapt their self-service behaviors to reassure customers that they are not misusing their private data and information
  •  How much data do you actually need to create a safe, secure and effective product that you can roll out to consumers, and how does this work with open banking strategies?

Richard Thomas, Head of Architecture, Atom Bank


14.25 High-Impact, User-Friendly Technologies & Automation Advancements Which Drive Greater Business Value & Customer Satisfaction

  • How are banks and financial institutions developing their AI technologies now?
  • Determine how AI and automation can deliver the best elements of human interaction for your customers
  • Encourage customers to use the digital forms of self-service by ensuring
    that they are simple, effortless and effective
  •  How can AI technologies use customer information to proactively present ways that they can help themselves online?
  • What is the future of invisible banking?

Jamie Broadbent, Head of Digital, Innovation & Design, RBS International



14.45 Evolving Customer Experience Requires A Transition From Product To Customer

  • How to build loyalty for deep long lasting customer relationship
  • How the rise of the super app will transform financial service
  • How to release more time to focus on complex customer needs with the right platform  

Garry Larner, Commercial Director, ieDigital


15.00 Keep Pace With Changing Customer Needs & Expectations By Adapting Digital Strategies To Establish & Solidify Self-Service Strategies In A Post-Pandemic State

  •  The pandemic has precipitated consumers shifting from a managed exchange to a digital platform and has driven digital adoption, so how have banks transformed self-service strategies at pace?
  •  The growth of digital banking has put a spotlight on the issues within self-service and customer interfaces - banks are focusing on digital inclusion, but what about people who are digitally exclusive?
  • Market expectations have evolved and split between digital adoption and physical interaction, so how can banks drive a holistic proposition considering the full spectrum of consumer needs?

Miguel Tatay, Head of Digital Channels, Retail Bank, NatWest Group

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

15.50 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


16.05 Drive Advances & Power Self-Service Success With The Latest Technologies

  •  From text message banking to online banking and apps, what will be the new technology emerging that will really change the face of banking?
  •  Ensure your digital strategies are fit-for-future and user-friendly with innovative tech advancements
  • A look to the future! What will digital banking look like in the next 10, 20 or 30 years’ time?

Sunil Bazzaz, Head of Payables & Receivables, EMEA Product Management, MUFG

Evangelos Vayias, Head of Internal Digitization & Business Banking Digital Transformation
, Eurobank

16.45 Official Close Of Conference

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