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About Fountain Partnership

Founded in 2008, Fountain has grown into a multi award-winning agency of over 40 digital marketeers operating out of London and Norwich. Our mission is to raise the standard of marketing worldwide. Too many businesses lose money unnecessarily through poorly planned campaigns.

Fountain’s three-stage approach is effective at reducing risk and driving business growth. It has received endorsement at the highest level having won two awards from Google:

Google Global Award Winner 2017 (Growing Businesses Online)
Google EMEA Award Winner 2016 (Best Search Performance Agency).

As Premier Google Partners, we also get priority access to the latest digital revenue opportunities.

Fountain’s clients include a number of FinTech and Financial Services clients.

We are goals driven and focused on gaining a clear return on investment for our clients. We will not embark on a campaign that we forecast will not be profitable. We deploy the latest tools and techniques to help our clients to win more customers, improving month on month. These include – but are not limited to: PPC, SEO, conversion rate optimisation, social media and content marketing.

Find out more about our approach at: www.fountainpartnership.co.uk

Infinity Logo


Infinity empowers businesses to sell more, streamline operational processes, and optimise marketing budgets. It is a cloud-based call intelligence platform, and an integral part of the technology stack for marketing, sales, and contact centres.

Available in over 75 countries, Infinity’s technology allows you to measure which marketing channels generate calls giving you complete insight into every touch point of your customer’s journey.

Incorporating the most advanced Universal Analytics integration available, Infinity will send phone call data into Google Analytics as well as custom dimensions about the call, such as call length, call rating or your own custom dimensions passed through from your website.

If you want to know what a caller is interested in when you answer the phone, the ‘Infinity Caller Insight App’ makes this possible by providing real time information about incoming callers.

To find out more, contact us on 0808 250 4045.


About Marketo

Marketo are on a mission to help people and businesses make a bigger impact with new marketing. With our Engagement Platform we empower marketers to create lasting relationships and grow revenue. Consistently recognised as the industry’s innovation leader, Marketo is the trusted platform for thousands of CMOs thanks to its scalability, reliability, and openness. Marketo has offices around the world, and serves as a strategic partner to large enterprise and fast-growing organisations across a wide variety of industries. To learn more about the Marketo Engagement Platform, LaunchPoint® partner ecosystem and the vast community that is the Marketing Nation®




Phrasee uses artificial intelligence to write better subject lines, body copy and CTAs than humans.

Question: Out of trillions of ways to write a subject line, what are the odds your gut instinct gets it right?

Answer: Pretty much nil. And you’re probably losing sales as a result.

Phrasee takes gut instinct out of the equation. Instead, it uses AI to generate and optimise your subject lines, body copy and calls-to-actions… and make you more money.

You get more opens, more clicks, and more revenue while Phrasee does the heavy lifting for you.

What makes Phrasee so awesome?

·Your brand’s voice. Your brand isn’t generic… so why should your marketing language be? We write language algorithms tailored to your brand’s voice, and no one else’s.

·Human sounding. Forget spammy open-bait tactics. Phrasee’s natural language generation tech ensures your copy sounds like a human wrote it. Only better.

·ESP agnostic. No matter what ESP you use, Phrasee will work for you… and it only takes 5 minutes per campaign. And that ain’t no joke.

·Make more money. Using powerful machine optimisation algorithms, Phrasee learns what makes your audience tick…. and makes you more money.

Artificial intelligence. Human language. Awesome.