A One-Day, Conference & Networking Event, 18th January 2023, London

Seize Growth Opportunities & Emerging Trends In Customer Behaviours & Automation For Customer-First & Value-Adding Digital Transformation & Innovation In Financial Services

Add Value & Deliver Seamless & Innovative Customer Journeys Based On Today’s Changed Customer Trends & Expectations ✓ AI Value & Benefits  Transformation Choreography, Methodologies & Legacy ✓ Cultural Transformation  Digital & App Design & Usability  Open Banking  Data Strategies  Digital Payments Today  Financial Capability  Sustainable Banking  The Future Of Work, Challenger Banks & Disruptors. New tried and tested interactive platform!

A One-Day, Financial Services-Led Virtual Conference, 16th September 2021 – Featuring Our New Tried & Tested Interactive Platform!

27 Leading Financial Services Transformation, Digital, Product & Customer Professionals Share Unmissable Digital Transformation & Innovation Insights To Improve Customer Experiences & Business Outcomes 

  1. Customer Trends, Expectations & Seamless Journeys: Add real value digitally and deliver innovative, customer-centric journeys and experiences based on today’s changed trends and expectations
  2. The True Value Of AI: Real-life applications of AI to enhance customer and colleague experience and boost innovation and efficiency
  3. Transformation Methodologies, Choreography & Legacy: Best-practice methodologies for strategically upgrading legacy systems and practices to implement digital transformation agilely
  4. Company Culture In A Digital World: Overcome colleague hesitancy around change, innovation and digitisation and spark new ways of working for 2022 and beyond
  5. Digital & App Design & Usability: User-centred products and apps which reduce friction and boost engagement
  6. The Power Of Data, Open Banking & Payment Innovations: Unlock customer mindsets and data to power your digital transformation and innovation and capitalise on open banking and new payments today
  7. Building Financial Capability & Bridging The Digital Divide: Furthering digital and financial literacy and inclusion for a customer-centric conscience
  8. The Future Of Work, Challenger Banks & Disruptors: Innovate and overcome the new challenges of a digital-first world as we move towards post-pandemic “business as usual”
  9. Digital Innovation & Climate Change Case Studies: Hear how NatWest and First Direct are harnessing digital potential to drive their innovation and transformation


What’s New At The Digital Transformation & Innovations In Financial Services Conference?

We’ve Gone Virtual With Dedicated & Practical Case Studies! Join us live from the comfort of your own surroundings – no travel needed!

20+ Financial Services Digital, Product, Transformation, Technology, AI & Customer Heads & Directors Speaking

Capture The Momentum Of 2021 – Learn & Inspire!

Dedicated Virtual Networking Lounges

3 Panel Discussions: A) AI Value & Benefits B) Build Financial Capability & Bridge The Digital Divide C) Future Of Work & Challenger Banks

Have Your Say! Financial Services Tailored Breakouts Including Digital Inclusion, Sustainability and Future Of Advice

Who Is This For? Heads/Directors/Managers Of Digital ✓ Transformation ✓ Technology ✓ Customer ✓ Product ✓ UX & UI