Drive Efficiencies, Exceed Expectations & Power CX With Revolutionary Digital Customer Experiences In Financial Services

Optimise Digital Channels ■ High-Impact AI, Automation, Cloud & RPA ■ Maximise Customer Insights & Expectations For Next-Level Journeys ■ Streamline Digital Payments ■ Digital Currencies & Crypto Insights ■ Leverage New Technologies ■ Increase Self-Service Uptake ■ Targeted & Compliant Customer Data Strategies ■ Support Sensitive, Critical, Vulnerable & Complex Customers ■ Exclusive Case Studies: Metaverse & Open Banking ■ Critical Regulatory Updates & Incoming Consumer Duty Deep Dive

24 Digital, Innovation, Experience, Design & Self-Service Leaders Deliver Customer-Centric Insights To Power Digital Innovations & Drive Efficiencies In Just 1 Day!


AI, Automation, Cloud & RPA - High-Impact & User-Friendly:

Explore real-life application and extract real value from AI to power digital finance, self-service and business efficiencies


Power Customer-Centric & Consistent Journeys:

Adapt to changing consumer demands and expectations by maximising insights to reinvent the digital finance customer experience


Leverage New, Cutting-Edge Technologies:

Harness brand new technologies to deliver seamless digital finance experiences and power capabilities and efficiencies


Optimise & Connect Digital Channels

Craft a seamless omnichannel to improve ease of access, agility and customer satisfaction


Digital Payment Efficiencies - Streamline & Level-Up!

Brand new, secure and fit-for-future frameworks which keep up with changing trends, demands and expectations


Digital Currencies, Crypto & The Metaverse:

Evaluate the impact, update your systems and equip your digital strategies to prepare for the rapid acceleration of digital currencies


Sensitive, Critical, Vulnerable & Complex Customers:

Build accessibility and sensitivity into strategies and strike the right balance between digital and human to ensure all customers are supported


Maximise Customer Data For Targeted Experiences!

Unlock meaningful insights, streamline customer journeys and support digital change by capturing and translating data into actionable insights


Drive Forward Self-Service Adoption:

Empower and encourage your customers to self-serve with established and accessible digital services


Tackling Incoming Regulatory Updates:

Confidently implement new digital finance frameworks within the code of compliance by overcoming limitations evaluating impact


Prioritise, Meet & Deliver On Consumer Duty:

Ensure client-centric, fair and meaningful support strategies with maximum impact


  • Revised & Refreshed Agenda for 2023 – Future of Customer-Centric Digitalisation
    • Brand-New Case Studies From Standard Chartered Bank & Generali
    • Brand-New Speaker Line Up Featuring Market Leading Brands Including Financial Conduct Authority, American Express, NatWest Group, HSBC & Many More!

  • 3 Interactive Panel Discussions
    • Emerging New Technologies
    • AI & Automation – Cloud & RPA
    Financial Conduct Authority, American Express, NatWest Group, HSBC & Many More!
    • Sensitive, Critical, Vulnerable & Complex Customers

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